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Traditional Pharma

Proone Labs was established to assist Small & Mid-size Pharma in overcoming the challenges they face in developing and commercializing innovative drugs that can make a significant impact in the healthcare industry. Some of the key challenges faced by these companies include limited financial resources, research and development complexities, regulatory compliance requirements, and difficulties in accessing funding.

Antibodies, ADC’s

Antibody Sequence Confirmation
Analysis of Intact and Reduced Antibodies
Antibody Quantification
Characterization & Quantification of Conjugated and Unconjugated Compounds
ADC Stability

Cell Reprogramming/iPSC Generation

Project Specific Cell Immortalization.
iPCS Generation
RNA Profiling
iPCS Colony Establishment

Small Molecule PK/PD/TK

Small Molecule Tissue Distribution and Retentio
Drug Excretion Development
Validation of the Analytical method

CRISPR Editing

Proteomics & Metabolomics

Protein Analysis
Protein Quantification
Intact Protein Analysis
Bottom-up Proteomics
Unknown peptide Identification and Quantitation
Protein and Protein Conjugate Characterization

Small Molecules

Small Molecule Purity
Small Molecule Stability
Small Molecule PK/PD/TK
Small Molecule Tissue Retention & Exertion

Assay Development

Small Molecule Reporter Assays
Cell-Based Assays
Biochemical assays
FRET, Alpha screen, ELISA, FLIPR, Fluorescence Luminescence, Absorption, Radioligand Binding etc.
Gain of Function, Loss of Function
LCMS Assay

Cell Line development

Target Expressing Cell Lines
Reporter Assay cell Lines
Orthogonal Assay Cell Lines

Method Development

De novo LCMS Method Development for Small Molecule Characterizations
Method Validation

Cell Contamination Testing

Cell Culture Contamination
Mycoplasma and Mycotoxin Analyses

Other services

Proone Labs helps investment institutions with market analysis, due diligence, strategic consulting, networking, and IP evaluation in the biotech industry.
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Entrepreneurs and start-ups
Proone Labs helps biotech entrepreneurs succeed by offering services such as business planning, funding advice, IP protection, regulatory compliance, R&D, marketing, and talent training.
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Silico Pharma
In Silico Pharma
Silico pharma has potential to improve drug discovery, but faces challenges. Proone Labs helps In Silico Pharma overcome these obstacles to launch successful products
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