Services Enterpnreneurs and Start-ups

Enterpnreneurs and Start-ups

Proone Labs has expertise in entrepreneurship and is dedicated to helping biotech start-up entrepreneurs overcome the challenges of building successful companies. Some of the key services we offer include business planning, funding advisory & referrals, intellectual property protection, regulatory compliance, scientific research and development, commercialization and marketing, and talent training. Biotech entrepreneurs may need assistance with developing and refining their business plans, identifying funding sources, navigating complex regulatory frameworks, conducting research and development, creating a strong commercialization and marketing strategy, and attracting and retaining top talent. Proone Labs has the necessary resources and tool sets to help biotech entrepreneurs advance and succeed.

Product Evaluation

Commercialization Strategy

Business Development

Funding Advisory, Introductions & Referral

Market Analysis/Go to Market Strategy Development

Talent training & Onboarding

Partnership Strategy Development

Network Expansion


Research & Development

Other services

Proone Labs helps investment institutions with market analysis, due diligence, strategic consulting, networking, and IP evaluation in the biotech industry.
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Silico Pharma
In Silico Pharma
Silico pharma has potential to improve drug discovery, but faces challenges. Proone Labs helps In Silico Pharma overcome these obstacles to launch successful products
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Traditional Pharma
Proone Labs helps small and mid-sized pharma companies develop and sell innovative drugs despite financial and regulatory obstacles
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