Services Investors


Proone Labs' expertise in the scientific, business and regulatory sides of the biotech industry allows us to assist investment institutions with market analysis, due diligence, strategic consulting, network connections, and intellectual property evaluation. Investment companies and VC firms require a diverse range of services to support their own operations and to help their portfolio companies succeed, which can come from internal staff, external consultants, or other service providers.

Project & IP Evaluation

Risk assessment

Identification of Potential Partnerships & Acquisitions

High-Quality Experimental Data Generation

Regulatory Advisory

Pivotal Strategy Development

Other services

Silico Pharma
In Silico Pharma
Silico pharma has potential to improve drug discovery, but faces challenges. Proone Labs helps In Silico Pharma overcome these obstacles to launch successful products
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Entrepreneurs and start-ups
Proone Labs helps biotech entrepreneurs succeed by offering services such as business planning, funding advice, IP protection, regulatory compliance, R&D, marketing, and talent training.
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Traditional Pharma
Proone Labs helps small and mid-sized pharma companies develop and sell innovative drugs despite financial and regulatory obstacles
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